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Brunette Publishing is a boutique publishing and distributing house registered and located in Melbourne, with printers and publicists in Canberra and Brisbane.

Our editing staff must have a degree in English literature as well as appropriate experience, to support the production of the highest standard of modern literature.

We ensure that only the most polished work wears the Brunette Publishing logo.

Why Brunette Publishing?

Many people ask Nicole Finn why she started Brunette Publishing. Was it because she was a frustrated author, whose work was rejected by other publishers?

"No," says Nicole. "The fact is that I thought it would be great fun to become a publisher! My brother, Sean, has been a lithographic printer for 30 years. Like Bill Gates, he began operating out of his home garage. Since then, he has worked for many of the biggest printers in Canberra and there is very little he doesn't know about the printing process.

"My first degree is in professional writing and literature. I later studied accounting and commercial law, and became a C.P.A., working as a tax accounting for 25 years, so I understood how a business is formed and functions. Then - the internet arrived. What an exciting time! We all wanted to be a part of this new world of creativity and connectivity. That's what Brunette Publishing is - it's the child of change - one of the many!

"Every profession has 'barriers to entry' - that's what the economists call them - and the internet has virtually destroyed these barriers. In many ways, I think writers regard publishers as barriers to entry, which is sad. I understand why people think smaller publishers are trying to enter the business through a back door, but nothing could be further from the truth in the case of Brunette Publishing.

"Brunette Publishing is a happy place - not a back door, or a tunnel under the wall. Think of it as the corner shop, and the larger publishers are like Coles or Safeway. We are a little Australian operation that loves what we produce. We print our books on beautiful, top-quality recycled Australian paper, and they are printed and bound in Australia. We ensure that the font is the readable - not so small it will hurt your eyes after a while. If that means we use more paper - so be it!

"No sooner had the idea of Brunette Publishing come to me, than we realised that what we needed was a website for Brunette Publishing. Once that was organised, we had our own internet shopfront!

"The next step was to register Brunette Publishing as a business in Victoria, and then acquire our own ISBN identifier so that our publications would be internationally recognised as belonging to Brunette Publishing.

"I hope I can convey to you how thrilling all this was. However, even if I could, I doubt anything would describe the feeling we all got when our artist, Jon Sommariva, sent us the proof for the cover of our very first publication, Zoltan and the 31st Century. Jon had exactly captured the feeling of the novel in his magnificent painting of the space scene.

"I think the website, and that book cover, were the two most exciting points in the building of our little publishing and distributing operation. It's been an amazing process, and for me, it's been re-energising to be involved with such talented people.

"Please feel free to contact me at if you have any other question I can answer. As you may have guessed, Brunette Publishing is my favourite subject!"

Brunette Publishing Staff

Nicole Finn
Rachel Appleby
Director of Marketing, Melbourne
Suellen Goldsmith
Director of Marketing, Brisbane
Carolyn Fulgoni
Jon Sommariva

Sean Finn
Printing Consultant

Emilio Park
Graphic Designer

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