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Morning in Melbourne
by Nicole Taylor

Morning in Melbourne is the story of Louise Keats who, at the age of 50, finds herself coming to the end of her career, the end of her children's school lives, and the end of her marriage. But life surges on, taking Louise with it - to Destinations Unknown.

Though not her city of choice, Louise buys a home and establishes her family in Melbourne, and comes to love it. The question is - can she bring herself to wear black all year round, like a true Melbournian?

Tricky....Very tricky....

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Christmas in Canberra
by Nicole Taylor

At 28 years of age, Louise finds herself the last of the girls in her family to have a family of her own - and she is the eldest! Finding herself excluded from family events, she decides to develop other friendships, and her career, and look for a nice man.

But her boss has other ideas and does not see a promotion in Louise's future. And her friends don't seem any closer to achieving grown-up goals than she is. In fact, none of them even want to get married!

There are three men who interest Louise. Gorgeous Gordon from Sydney; cranky Chris at work; and alluring Aidan from - the "other side"! Louise is an accountant with the Australian Tax Office while Aidan is an accountant in a public accounting firm. Professionally they are adversaries so any alliance looks doomed.

While Louise is trying to sort out her life, the people around her are having problems of their own. The family is forced to unite for a meal and the Christmas of 1988 is set to be a memorable one!

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Zoltan & the 31st Century
by N.T. Finn

Zoltan & the 31st Century is a sci-fi fantasy written for the 8-12 year old reader.

The year is 1999 and David is in Year 6 at school. One day, during a very boring lesson, he is getting into trouble from the teacher when BAM! He suddenly finds himself in 2999 - and everyone is calling him Zoltan.

Zoltan's father is a brilliant scientist and his experiment has caused Zoltan and David to exchange places - and milleniums.

It appears that it has been hundreds of years since people could read and write. The world of 2999 is completely run by sound activated computers. In some ways, this is wonderful - but in other ways it is causing problems for the people of 2999 and they badly want to learn to read so they can access all the knowledge of past generations.

David is the answer to their problems.

But David has problems, too! The governor in 2999 is threatened by David's literacy and will stop at nothing to secure his powerful position. David must fight for his life before he can return to 1999.


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Red Money - A Financial Espionage Novel
by Jon Gregory Taylor

The Presidency of the Russian Federation is being bought by Major General Igor Streletsky with money hidden offshore by the KGB, and Quentin Ayres intends to stop him. Quentin, head of Moscow Capital, is working with the U.S./ Treasury and the C.I.A. operatives in Moscow. They are allied with the Mayor of Moscow, the beautiful Natalia Konstantinov, who is also running for president.

Streletsky is being backed by the financier Tretyakov who controls the offshore funds. Quentin Ayres is in a key position. He has first hand knowledge of the offshore accounts, and is an expert in the use of tax havens the world over. By tracing the funds and manipulating the situation to his personal advantage, Quentin can turn the tables on Tretyakov and save Russia from his despotic rule.

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