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Red Money - A Financial Espionage Novel
by Jon Gregory Taylor

The Presidency of the Russian Federation is being bought by Major General Igor Streletsky with money hidden offshore by the KGB, and Quentin Ayres intends to stop him. Quentin, head of Moscow Capital, is working with the U.S./ Treasury and the C.I.A. operatives in Moscow. They are allied with the Mayor of Moscow, the beautiful Natalia Konstantinov, who is also running for president.

Streletsky is being backed by the financier Tretyakov who controls the offshore funds. Quentin Ayres is in a key position. He has first hand knowledge of the offshore accounts, and is an expert in the use of tax havens the world over. By tracing the funds and manipulating the situation to his personal advantage, Quentin can turn the tables on Tretyakov and save Russia from his despotic rule.

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