Zoltan & the 31st Century Book Reviews

A fabulous Sci-Fi book of discoveries, dreams and adventure!

This book is about a boy who goes to the 31st Century. I liked the way David wondered what things were and described what they would look like if they were modern items. I enjoyed the part when he went to the moon and went to the Darkside Diner.

Eve Warren, aged 10, Altona, Australia

Zoltan & the 31st Century is a great book about a boy called David who suddenly finds himself in the 31st Century with everyone calling him Zoltan. He doesn't know how he got there, but even though he misses his family, he is excited to meet new friends and find out what life is like 1000 years in the future.

He gets to do some of the wonderful things that he only dreamed about in his life as David, but also finds out that there are some things in the future that are not so wonderful.

I really liked this story and I wish it was a movie too.

Isabella Fulgoni, aged 9, Berwick, Australia






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